Financial Fraud Charges Don't Need to Ruin Your Life

Financial Fraud Charges Don't Need to Ruin Your Life

Protect your rights after embezzlement charges in New Hartford, NY

When you're facing fraud, forgery or embezzlement charges, a fraud attorney can help. Hyman Legal & Consulting Services can prepare a defense that puts you in the best light possible.

Attorney Hyman Jr. has been serving as a lawyer for plaintiffs and defendants throughout the New Hartford, NY area for 20+ years. He knows the local, state and federal laws inside and out and provides high-quality defense for any situation.

You don't have to handle these charges alone. Choose Hyman Legal & Consulting Services to tackle your case by contacting the office at 315-534-6947.

Get assistance with any fraud charge

There are many types of financial fraud charges. Call today to speak to a fraud attorney in New Hartford, NY about your:

  • Forgery charges
  • Identity theft charges
  • Embezzlement charges
  • Insurance fraud charges

Whether guilty or innocent, you deserve a strong defense for your side of the story. Connect with Hyman Legal & Consulting Services now to talk about your situation.