Are You Facing DWI Charges?

Are You Facing DWI Charges?

Turn to a DWI attorney in New Hartford, NY

It can be scary to face DWI charges. You need to call a professional law firm to help safeguard your rights. Depend on Hyman Legal & Consulting Services for a tough defense of your case.

In New Hartford, NY and throughout the state, there are two types of DWI charges that you may face:

  • Common Law DWI - Your actions convince the police that you are intoxicated.
  • Per-Se DWI - A field sobriety test shows that you are intoxicated.

In either situation, a DWI attorney can stand by your side in court. No matter the charge, rely on attorney Hyman Jr. for all your DWI law needs. Contact the office today to begin working on your case.

Questions to consider after a DWI charge

Not every DWI situation in New Hartford, NY is cut and dry. You need a DWI attorney to defend you against these charges, especially if the police didn't handle the situation properly. Hyman Legal & Consulting Services will investigate:

  • If you were stopped properly by the police
  • How the police administered the field sobriety test
  • The exact results of the test

DWI law can be tricky to navigate alone-turn to a professional lawyer for assistance. Speak with attorney Hyman Jr. today to receive a proper defense.